Death by term paper

4 05 2008

I’ve been writing the term paper for Cinema and Popular Culture for the whole weekend, almost, and am nearly finished. But that’s the thing, right, it gets more difficult as you get nearer the finishing line.

Mostly because there’s so much to explore on the Internet. Hah!



I wish I was there

3 05 2008

I’m at home right now, chatting with a couple of people on MSN, and it’s not anything against them, but I’m wishing really really that I was at Solid Rock instead of procrastinating cum writing my Cinema term paper.

I’m sad now.

But hopefully I’ll get a lot of work done during my free periods this week and be able to make next Saturday! And hopefully even church…!

I can’t wait till I graduate. Sometimes I don’t know if it was a fantastic idea, or an awful one to do my Masters degree part-time.


we lift our voices louder still

1 01 2008

it’s the first day of 2008. i have no resolutions for this year, except a prayer to start walking closer with God. and maybe blog every day. we’ll see about the latter.

the term paper’s coming along.

a little later, maybe?

25 12 2007

this season, i’ve been thinking about the reason for christmas. sure, everyone says that the reason is Jesus, but what do we look forward to? is it really the fact that our Saviour came as a soft, smelly, crying baby (people who really think Jesus the baby didn’t cry are kidding themselves), or is it because of the great new game console we just got? i’ve been doing a lot of thinking particularly because i’ve had to write my term papers and not have much of a break – but that’s just because i’ve left it till approximately the last minute.

we watched ‘home alone’ every christmas when we were growing up, and even though we could recite huge portions of the movie at a time, we still laughed over it. the traditions of the festival… is it more than this? there is more to christmas than pudding, and ham, and turkey-that-should-be-for-thanksgiving-only-we’re-not-american-and-don’t-celebrate-it, and crackers and reruns and candles and friends-we-don’t-have-anything-to-say-to. this is the season that everything came to pass. this is the season that means the sum total of existence.

this is the season of love.

and love is.

merry christmas, everyone.