This morning’s God moment

22 08 2010

Okay. A little bit of too-much-information: while sitting on the toilet and reading All The Hits So Far But Don’t Expect Too Much by Bradley Hathaway this morning, I came across The Hug Poem again, and this time, more than any other, I was profoundly moved. I don’t think the touches that Jesus gave in order to heal were in any way diminished by the fact that the Bible doesn’t say they were hugs; I think He would have given hugs, and really good ones at that. I think the power of Jesus’ touch was in the sheer fact that He touched at all; we think of the very rich, recoiling from the outstretched hand of the very poor.

I was touched in a big way while reading that because I’ve been really conscious of the new back piece I got on August 13, and I don’t want to be touched in case it’s ruined or something. That’s what it was like at yesterday’s Solid Rock meeting – even though I was really excited about seeing the youth again after 3 weeks away, I was hesitant about hugging people. The physical touch does say so much more than just words though, and I found myself being enveloped by the girls I hadn’t seen in the last month, and as we caught each other up on our various activities over the summer, I was struck afresh at their joy for life, in spite of what they’re going through. They may not even know it themselves, but their very beauty is in the soul that the Creator placed in their being, and as it shines from their eyes, one can’t help but be captured by the love, and creativity, of God.

So may you, as you live each day stressed out or rushing around or doing chores or studying or whatever else you do, find little reasons, old reasons, new reasons, and surprising reasons, to love God and love what He has created. Because it is good, even when we don’t understand it.

When you have time, the poetry collection I wrote about is found here.

Something to think about?


What I did just now

5 06 2009

I came home with a cold, and promptly put on the 14th disc of Friends. To which I fell asleep. I feel like a million dollars. NOT.

And to top it all off, I was supposed to go out tonight. I’m sad.

But I’ve just been thinking a lot about what I observed on the weekend. It hurt my heart to see such a change in the way the youth sitting beside me were treated. He actually snapped at them, after she did. I just couldn’t understand it… and then I realised that he really has changed a lot over this year. How did this even happen? It hurt me, and I want to see something change.

On the up side, the new committee I’m on, which met yesterday for what turned out to be a 3 hour meeting, is something that is exciting me. We’re going to try and bring back a bit of what made this a good, loving school again. And this is something that is really exciting me.

Ruby Tuesday’s today

20 08 2008

Went out for lunch today with a few of the youth from Solid Rock, and it was heaps of fun. Awaitress accidentally dumped one of the burgers on me, and the ketchup went everywhere all over my lap so it looked like I’d had a serious lack of self control. The burger bounced off the table as if in slow motion, and the fries landed in my lap and beside me as well. The guy who sat beside me quickly and slickly scooped up some of the fries on the seat and put them into his plate. Heh. This is what it was supposed to look like:

At the end of it though, we had the burger and the dessert taken off our bill, so I’d taken “one for the team.”

Anyhow, when one of the youth prayed over the food, I was so touched by what he prayed for – normally at youth group he’s very friendly, and will talk, but doesn’t always seem totally comfortable – and so when he volunteered to pray, I was a little pleasantly surprised. But what he prayed for; that was the biggest and most pleasant surprise for me. He thanked God for bringing me to this school, and thanked Him for blessing them all and the school with being there and at Solid Rock, and I was so touched.

For me, the biggest and best moment was just that prayer, but the rest of the time was really great too, and I caught a glimpse of how youth ministry becomes mutually-edifying fellowship, because I was truly blessed by these fantastic people that God has made and so graciously allowed my life to be part of theirs.


I love that my room is the place where young people can be found after school. However, marking’s started to kick my ass so I’ll just have to keep on top of it all by doing it as soon as humanly possible. Getting one’s ass kicked by homework assignments is not a fun thing.

Speaking about love

26 07 2008

At Solid Rock tonight, the talk was about love, and what we do with it. The video was probably the best part of it, because I am so inarticulate. I wish I could really speak sometimes, because that would really help gets points across more effectively. I’m not the most succinct of writers, or speakers, and this really affects what I’m trying to get across. I guess there are times when I’m on a roll and the points are coming out fine, but it’s one thing to write lengthy missives, because people can stop reading at any time, but it’s quite a different thing altogether when it’s what’s being said, and it drags on and on and on… I think that’s something of what God was trying to teach to me when we were at the fundraiser, and one part of it went on too long, and I was complaining… one of those things we see in others so easily and neglect to see in ourselves… I can’t help but marvel at just how to the point and how rightthe Bible is sometimes – how could Jesus have known exactly what to say, and when to say it?? When Jesus talks about removing the plank from our own eye before talking about the speck of dust in someone else’s… man, that is something powerful and convicting. I only wish I had remembered that lesson before complaining that week. Here’s something I found on one of the blogs I subscribe to – it made me think:

So to finish what I was thinking about a couple of nights ago, I’ve been having some good conversations, along the lines of what God wants us to do when we’re with people, and fellowshipping and stuff. It’s what’s real, when we’re hanging out with people, and having fun, and chatting, and laughing, and talking about real things that we’re stressed about, or happy about, or whatever, it really just fulfils part of what God wants of us. I think that’s what faith is, because it’s what we’re doing to grow, and even if we’re not explicitly trying to grow in our faith, that’s what happens anyway. What else can happen when you’re talking with people you love talking with, and you’re talking about where you are in life, and your hopes, and dreams, and fears and excitements about the future? And what’s beautiful about that is that although some of what we were talking about raised more questions than anything, it made everyone think – about their faith, about what it means to love, and especially about what we should do with the knowledge that we have now, about certain things.

Because I think that’s really important, that we just hearing about stuff, or even learning it, doesn’t matter for crap unless something is done about it. But if I had to think about what exactly I would do with the knowledge, I think I’d go a bit nutty because of the magnitude of it. Rather, I have to think about the awareness of the issue that’s in question, and go from there. Because once I become aware of something, man alive, I become really aware of it.

Oh and this is a picture of the noodle place we went to when we were in China. I could not stop staring at the guy who was making the noodles, because he was just so skilled at it, and the fact that he seemed so much in his element, like he was really enjoying what he was doing, really just blessed me.

This is so much fun (a continuation of what I’ve been thinking about)

23 07 2008

Just found this website that is so much fun. It makes a word cloud of a big batch of words from your blog or whatever and  makes it look something like this:But what I was talking about yesterday was about love, and how we work with it, because our awareness of what is right, and what we need to do makes something change in our lives.

What am I talking about?

What I’m talking about is how we work our lives to reflect our knowledge of the Creator’s intention… His glory… His imagination. I’ve been talking about this with a friend, and just about how we know we’re loved by God, like I was writing about before, because of how all purpose is fulfilled when we love. But I think it’s more than that, and the conversation I’ve been having with him is that it’s not enough to just be aware of the love; something else must be done, too. That’s why this week at Solid Rock I’ll be talking about love, and about how it makes a difference in our lives.

We don’t just get impacted by the love that God shows us; we need to do something with it so it doesn’t just stay in us, or stagnate in us. So John 13:1-17 will be the focus.

Today at the doctor’s

21 07 2008

Didn’t end up going to Macau as it took all morning trying to open up a new bank account at Hang Seng. Man, their procedures are dumb. They asked me for my nationality, so I said British, and then they asked for my passport. When I said that I didn’t have it with me, they replied, “Okay, since you have a permanent residents’ ID card, we can write that your nationality is Hong Kong Chinese or just Chinese. Would you like us to do that?” Seriously??

The ramifications of that snippet of conversation… I wasn’t aware we could just write anything for our nationality on a form…

The whole thing just frustrated and confused me. This is what I wanted to do:

But since I’m 25 years-old now, it’s kind of embarassing to bare my ass to all and sundry in the local bank. So this is what I reminded myself of instead:

Because it’s true – when we realise that God created people in His image, we can honour each other, and we’re bringing something good back into this world. It just happens when we are respecting the image of God in each other. That’s all it takes to forget about cultural, wealth, age, height, background or whatever other kinds of differences.

Before the bank, I had to visit the doctor for a refilled prescription, as I’ve run out of the pink ones for the past couple of days (but I’ve been fine. Just a bit angry at times, but at least not down like I was before). He said I’ve grown a lot since I first went to him, and said that I’d be down to a quarter of a pill at a time – 5mg of Paroxetine, as opposed to 20mg. I was very happy to hear about that, although I’ll still be on full dosage at night. I also told him about the biggest issue with my mother right now, and he said he’d try and have a word with her the next time I came, to give it all a bit of time.

But it’s amazing the difference a bit of hope makes. My whole day became much more enjoyable, and I’m almost looking forward to the next time I see him.

It’s important for me that things are clear, and that emotions are discussed, rather than hidden. Sooner or later it all comes out, and when it does, it becomes very messy, the longer it’s kept hidden.

I’m preparing the talk for Solid Rock this week. I’m excited. It’s hard work though, stalking people… That’s all I’m saying about that 😀

Post Easter Sunday discussions

23 03 2008

I heard something very encouraging after church today, that one of the youth who doesn’t come to Solid Rock on a regular basis went home last night and told his family about what happened, which was really surprising for the parents too, because he is usually really reticent about what goes on at youth group. I was so blessed by the conversation I had this morning, as brief as it was. Afterwards, we went to lunch at the “proper” Japanese place, and getting there, and then being there, and getting to Shatin and stuff was all good. Amanda and I had a good chat, and it was a very nice, chilled out day today.

I believe that sometimes, we go to church as much for the friendship as we do the worship, and it’s all wonderful in God’s eyes, because we’re doing what He’s made us to do. And the way we’ve been made is perfect in His eyes – there is nothing about our eyes, nose, ears, face, body or anything else that He would change about us, because He digs us this way.

He is risen indeed!