I am a teacher of English at an international school in Hong Kong, and this is my professional Wikispace. It’s in the process of being updated, and I’m on the verge of feeling quite proud of it as I’ve never really consistently worked on anything online. This would be my first attempt.

The poem below was written a few years ago.


And suddenly
This impatient heart feels full;
Filled with an effervescent energy.
Something which was silent, stirs –
A new sensation, utterly unfamiliar.

And abruptly
These eyes will stop, still.
Lingering over all these things:
Shared hopes and discussed dreams –
Everything the future promises, perhaps.

And then
When the night’s slow silence
Signals the world’s reluctant retirement,
This impatient woman, always awake,
Hopefully thinks of Someone, somewhere.

And so
These once-ceaseless hands hesitate,
Whilst that effervescence, made manifest,
Resolutely ignores many hovering ‘hows’,
Pressing tomorrow to turn today.

–Vanessa Manchester


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